A Unique College Experience


1. Title that includes the name of your community college and location (i.e., city and state).

2. Vision, mission, and philosophy statements (search real community colleges for ideas and author/write


of the following for your proposed community college: mission, vision, and philosophy). Do not copy a community college’s text (this would not be academically honest to do this).

3. Other background information and a welcome and/or general information (what a potential student needs to know, e.g., accreditation)

4. A section(s) on academic programs, areas of study, and educational degrees and certifications (whatever you decide should be offered at your community college; think: What does a community college normally offer in terms of courses, programs, degrees, and certificates– those things that make it different from a university or four-year college). You should make a connection to your community or area (e.g., new industry, [un]employment needs, by citing some information or statistics as related to your planned curriculum.

5. A section(s) on student services or student affairs (whatever you decide should be available at your community college; note the student services offered by most community colleges and include these at a minimum)

6. Compose anything else that a potential student would need to know about your community college, education, etc. when viewing your web page areas –review modules and current community college web sites — make sure that files or sites that you share (e.g., http://www.ncacasi.org/) are related to CCs and not personal or randomly selected.

7. Proofread your web page carefully before publishing and submitting the address to your professor. Typographical/spelling errors and violations of English language rules are not acceptable on community college web pages (or on any real institutional web pages). You cannot earn an A on this assignment with typographical and/or English language (e.g., spelling) errors. The command of good English skills counts in the real world!